Essential Safety Tips for Cold Weather Boating

Boating during the cold weather can be exciting but it’s necessary to take extra precaution while on the water. Review some suggested guidance on how to prepare for cold weather boating:
1. Check the forecast and be aware of potentially hazardous marine conditions;
2. Wear multiple layers of clothing and bring extra clothing in case someone gets wet or goes overboard;
3. Make sure to eat and stay hydrated. Bring additional food and water on board.
4. Wear sunglasses. The sun’s glare can be just as strong in the winter as in the summer;
5. Make a float plan and inform a land-based person about your plan, then stick to the plan! This is especially important for solo boaters;
6. Be sure to carry a communication device, such as a VHF Radio or cellphone, and signaling device, and secure them in a waterproof container or bag;
7. Most important–wear a life jacket!
Take care, all of friend.