Chinese Serenity: An Afternoon on Dongqian Lake in Ningbo

It’s Chinese style .The man with a bamboo hat ,sitting on an old style
canoe ,Fishing.Padding it from lake shoreside .An electirc trolling motor on the stern board. You’ll still see the ancient wodden boat in som villages nowadays . Especially in the regions south of the Yangtze River (It’s called Jiangnan  ) .
This short vido shooted in Ningbo City ,when I was enjoying the beautiful landscape in “Dongqian Lake” .The lake is in East Ningbo .It’s 3.4 times bigger than “Hangzhou ,West Lake” ,but it’s not as famous as West Lake. You’ll see fined ,modern wodden boat in Hangzhou ,West Lake . And enjoy a pleasure boat tour accross west lake too .
Ancient or modern ?
No ,It’s Chinese style .
Seems I ‘m in West Lake ,Hangzhou .But it’s not Hangzhou .It’s in Ningbo . A Comfortable afternoon in Spring .